Information Services


Headquartered in Dallas, TX, StackPath is an information technology (“IT”) security services provider. The Company created a comprehensive suite of cyber-security solutions which protect enterprises from constantly evolving cyber security threats. The Company completed five acquisitions since its inception in January 2016. The key product suite provides enterprise customers with (i) a secure content delivery network (“CDN”) that allows companies to transmit information securely and efficiently over the public Internet, (ii) distributed denial of service (“DDoS”) mitigation that limits the impact of cyber-attacks on company network connected assets, (iii) an enterprise web application firewall (“WAF”) that monitors web applications in order to detect and prevent potential attacks, and (iv) a virtual private network (“VPN”) that enables secure connection to the Internet. Through these services, StackPath monitors and logs a massive amount of Internet traffic and is able to correlate that data to provide insightful analytics and enhanced threat mitigation for its customers.