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  • Status Realized
  • Sector Business and Facility Services
  • Investment Year 2018
  • Headquarters Seattle, WA
  • FundFlagship


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Donuts simplifies and connects a fragmented Online world with domain names and related technologies that allow individuals and businesses to build, market and control their digital identities. Through its registry business, Donuts holds the World’s largest portfolio of new top-level domains (240) and has over 3.6 million active registrations across its portfolio. Donuts offers a wide variety of names for use as business identifiers such as .ltd, .company, .careers, .support .photography, .cafe, .builders, .social, .world and .live. Through its subsidiary, Name.Com, Donuts also operates as a registrar of domain names and provides a diversified suite of services for its customers including hosting, email and security.