Kore Wireless Group



Lead Partner/Principal:

KORE is an industry-leading global managed connectivity service provider focused on the Machine-to-Machine (“M2M”) communications sector. The Company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with operations in Alpharetta (GA), Winnipeg (CN), Naples (FL), the Dominican Republic, Australia and Singapore. The Company provides a global, integrated connectivity solution for companies that have M2M applications. KORE manages its cellular and satellite connectivity through its proprietary platform and deep relationships with carrier partners. KORE’s unified platform enables customers to activate, deactivate, locate, troubleshoot and manage all of their devices around the globe. KORE currently manages over 6 million devices for over 5,000 customers. It focuses primarily on corporations and application service providers (ASPs) serving a diversified set of industries that require M2M applications.