Industry Leader HealthPort Acquires ChartOne

Creates nation’s top provider of technology solutions for the healthcare industry; positions company for future growth

Creates nation’s top provider of technology solutions for the healthcare industry; positions company for future growth

Alpharetta, GA, September 23, 2008: Marking a significant development in its vision to be a leading provider of technology and strategic solutions for the healthcare industry, HealthPort will acquire its closest competitor, ChartOne, officials announced today.

The transaction was completed on Monday,September 22, 2008. Financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.

“This acquisition combines the strengths of two industry leaders and creates the widest selection of affordable, quality health information products and services available,” says Patrick J. Haynes III, Chairman of HealthPort.

“As the adaptation of technology continues to gain momentum in the healthcare industry, this announcement strongly positions our company to better provide a full spectrum of solutions that can improve business fundamentals and enhance patient care,” continued Haynes.

“In an increasingly complex and highly regulated environment, healthcare companies need customized electronic systems and technology solutions that address?and improve their toughest challenges,” says Michael Labedz, President and CEO of HealthPort. “We are committed to leveraging these benefits for our existing customers andlook forward to pursuing new opportunities as the healthcare information technology sector continues to grow and mature,” said Labedz. Today, the vast majority of healthcare companies still rely on paper-based systems and processes to manage critical information. Over the next decade, however, the industry is widely expected to shift to paperless, electronic technologies that create greater efficiencies while improving patient care.


With this acquisition, HealthPort has combined revenues of more than $230 million and serves more than 8,000 healthcare facilities across the United States. The company’s headquarters will be located in Alpharetta, Georgia and will be led by HealthPort CEO Michael Labedz.

Meanwhile, members of the ChartOne management team will work with leadership to continue business as usual while also ensuring a smooth transition for all of ChartOne’s employees and clients.