ABRY Announces Investment in Navtech, Inc.

Boston (November 29, 2005) - ABRY Partners recently invested $21 million in senior subordinated notes in Navtech, Inc., a publicly-traded information management business (ticker: NAVH). Navtech is a leading provider of mission critical aviation information designed to assist commercial passenger and cargo air carriers in flight planning, crew scheduling and operations control. Navtech serves over 100 customers around the world; its core customers are mid-size national/regional carriers, cargo carriers and low-cost airlines. ABRY’s investment in Navtech helped fund Navtech’s acquisition of European Aeronautical Group (EAG), a subsidiary of the SAS Group, which owns among other businesses, Scandinavian Airlines. EAG is a leading provider of aeronautical charting products (electronic/paper navigation maps of air space and airports used by pilots), flight planning services, take-off and landing manuals for airports, and data feeds for flight operations and cockpit systems. EAG currently serves over 100 customers, primarily in Europe. Both Navtech and EAG operate on recurring revenue models, with the vast majority of their revenues generated from subscription-based, long-term contracts which have high renewal rates.

ABRY Partners, based in Boston, is one of the oldest and largest private equity funds in North America investing exclusively in the media, communications and information industries. ABRY has over $7.0 billion of assets under management and since 1989 has completed over $18.0 billion of leveraged transactions in the media, communications and information industries.