ABRY Announces acquisition of Language Line Services

Boston (June 11, 2004) – ABRY Partners has acquired Language Line Services for approximately $722 million. Language Line is the leading provider of over-the-phone interpretation ("OPI") services from English into more than 150 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Language Line's specially-trained, proprietary base of interpreters perform value-added OPI services which facilitate critical business transactions and delivery of emergency and government services between its customers and limited English proficiency ("LEP") speakers throughout the world.

In 2003, Language Line helped more than 20 million people communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers, providing over 80 million billed minutes of OPI services to its customers. Language Line's service offers its customers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to staffing in-house multilingual employees or using face-to-face interpretation. Through its OPI services, Language Line improves its customers' revenue potential, customer service and competitiveness by enhancing their ability to effectively serve the growing population of current and prospective LEP speakers.

ABRY Partners, based in Boston, is one of the oldest and largest private equity funds in North America investing exclusively in media and communications companies. ABRY has over $2.0 billion of capital under management and since 1989 has completed over $7.0 billion of leveraged transactions in the media and communications industries.