WideOpenWest ("WOW") announces management additions

Englewood, CO (August 22, 2002) - WOW has enhanced its corporate management organization by adding two key executives: Ms. Colleen Adboulah as President and Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Steven Cochran as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining WOW as President and COO in August, Ms. Abdoulah was a senior executive at AT&T/TCI where she held positions including EVP of Wireline Services, VP of Operations for Digital and VP of Marketing. As EVP of Wireline Services, Ms. Abdoulah was directly responsible for the customer service, marketing, franchising, commercial sales and internet divisions of TCI.

Prior to joining WOW as CFO in October, Mr. Cochran was the CFO of Millennium Digital Media. At Millennium, Mr. Cochran played a key role in the formation of Millennium's accounting department and putting in place the accounting systems, policies and procedures that ultimately allowed Millennium to evolve from a broadband service provider startup with no operations to a state-of-the-art carrier providing advanced cable services to 175,000 cable television and 125,000 internet subscribers.

WOW is currently the 13th largest cable television system operator in the United States, serving customers in the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus and southeast Michigan. WOW completed the acquisition of these subscribers in December of 2001.